Alan Adı (Domain)

define("CLIENTAREA",true); //define("FORCESSL",true); # Uncomment to force the page to use https:// require("management/dbconnect.php"); require("management/domainchecker.php"); $pagetitle = $_LANG['clientareatitle']; $breadcrumbnav = ''.$_LANG['globalsystemname'].''; $breadcrumbnav .= ' > My Page'; initialiseClientArea($pagetitle,'',$breadcrumbnav); # To assign variables to the template system use the following syntax. # These can then be referenced using {$variablename} in the template. $smartyvalues["variablename"] = $value; # Check login status if ($_SESSION['uid']) { # User is logged in - put any code you like here # Here's an example to get the currently logged in clients first name $result = mysql_query("SELECT firstname FROM tblclients WHERE id=".(int)$_SESSION['uid']); $data = mysql_fetch_array($result); $clientname = $data[0]; $smartyvalues["clientname"] = $clientname; } else { # User is not logged in } # Define the template filename to be used without the .tpl extension $templatefile = "management/templates/hostoky/domainchecker.tpl"; outputClientArea($templatefile);